The Best Cymbals for Beginner Drummers in 2023 and 2024

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Welcome back to Drums For Beginners, where we aim to provide valuable insights and reviews for drumming enthusiasts. Today’s post tackles a crucial component of any drum set – the cymbals. As a beginner, you might find the cymbal world overwhelming, but don’t fret! This guide will answer your burning question: what are The Best Cymbals for Beginner Drummers in 2023 and 2024.

What Cymbals Does a Drummer Need?

For a beginner, the basic cymbal set up usually includes:

1. **Hi-Hats**: Essential for keeping rhythm.

2. **Ride Cymbal**: Used for main rhythmic patterns.

3. **Crash Cymbal**: For accents and punctuation musical phrases.

How Do I Choose Drum Cymbals?

Choosing the right cymbals involves several factors:

– **Material**: Commonly made from bronze alloys, the material affects durability and sound.

– **Size**: Bigger cymbals are louder but less responsive; smaller ones are more sensitive but quieter.

– **Sound**: Each cymbal type produces different sound profiles, from bright and cutting to dark and mellow.

– **Brand and Budget**: Reputable brands usually offer better quality, but make sure to stick to your budget.

The Best Cymbals for Beginner Drummers

Best Cymbals for Beginner Drummers in 2023

1. Zildjian Planet Z Cymbal Set

**Best for**: Beginners who want a solid start without breaking the bank.


  • Great all-around performance
  • Affordable
  • Durable construction


  • Limited sound versatility

2. Sabian SBR Starter Pack

**Best for**: Drummers looking for a versatile beginner set.


  • Excellent value for the price
  • Versatile sound options
  • Includes hi-hats, ride, and crash


  • Not as durable as higher-end models

3. Meinl HCS Cymbal Pack

**Best for**: Those who want a comprehensive set without splurging too much.


  • Budget-friendly
  • Decent sound quality
  • Wide range of types and sizes available


  • May lack the complexity of more expensive cymbals

What is the Best Sounding Ride Cymbal?

Among the reviewed sets, the ride cymbal in the Zildjian Planet Z pack stands out for its balanced, rich tones and exceptional responsiveness, making it highly versatile for various musical styles.

The world of cymbals may seem complex, but understanding what you need and how to choose them can simplify the process significantly. As a beginner, basic setups like hi-hats, a ride, and a crash cymbal are sufficient to get you started. Brands like Zildjian, Sabian, and Meinl offer excellent options for those starting on their drumming journey. Remember, the best cymbals for you depend on your individual needs and the style of music you wish to play.

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The Best Cymbals for Beginner Drummers for 2023 Guide

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