The Best Drum Brands for Beginners: A Comprehensive Guide

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For aspiring drummers, getting started can be a bit overwhelming. Between drum sets, cymbals, sticks, and all the available brands, it’s hard to know where to begin. This article aims to make your drumming journey easier by answering some of the most common questions beginners have. What drum set should you start with? What should you buy as a beginner? And most importantly, what are the Best Drum Brands for Beginners? Plus, we’ll give you our top 5 drum set brand picks, complete with links to Amazon and Sweetwater for your convenience.

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What is the Best Drum Set Brand for Beginners?

When it comes to beginner-friendly drum sets, you’ll want to look for brands that offer quality, durability, and affordability. Some of the top brands that meet these criteria are Yamaha, Pearl, Tama, Ludwig, and Mapex.

What Should a Beginner Drummer Buy?

As a beginner, your basic drum set should include a bass drum, a snare drum, tom-toms, a hi-hat, and cymbals. A drum throne and sticks are also essential. Some sets come in “starter packs” that include everything you need to get drumming.

What Drums to Start With?

If you’re new to drumming, a 5-piece drum set is a good starting point. This usually includes a snare, bass drum, two rack toms, and a floor tom. Add a set of hi-hats and a crash cymbal, and you’re good to go.

What Drum Brands are Good?

While personal preference plays a part, some universally respected brands in the drumming community are:

1. Yamaha

Yamaha drums are known for their quality and durability. They offer a variety of kits tailored for beginners.  

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2. Pearl

Pearl offers solid entry-level kits that are budget-friendly without skimping on quality.  

3. Tama

Tama’s beginner kits offer excellent sound and are very versatile, suitable for a variety of music genres.  

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4. Ludwig

Ludwig is a classic brand offering kits that provide great value for the price, making them a good choice for beginners.  

5. Mapex

Mapex offers high-quality beginner kits that are known for their superior sound.  


Choosing the right drum set as a beginner doesn’t have to be complicated. Brands like Yamaha, Pearl, Tama, Ludwig, and Mapex offer reliable options that will serve you well as you learn the ropes. Remember, Best Drum Brands for Beginners sets for you will depend on your specific needs, so consider what you want to achieve as you make your decision. Happy drumming!

Choosing the Best Drum Brands for Beginners - watch here where to start!

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