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Whether you’re an adult or a child looking to learn how to play the drums, choosing the right drum set is crucial for honing your skills. This guide will help you navigate the wide variety of beginner-friendly drum sets available, making it easier for you to find the perfect set for your needs and budget.

Drum Set NameAffiliate Site
Pearl Roadshow 5-piece
Gammon Percussion Full Size Complete
Ludwig Accent Drive 5-Pc
Mendini by Cecilio 16 inch 5-Piece Complete
Eastar 14 inch Kids
Ashthorpe 5-Piece Complete Kid’s Junior
GP Percussion GP55 5-Piece Junior
Ludwig Junior 5 Piece Drum Set with Cymbals
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Best beginner drum set for adults

let’s dive into some of the best beginner drum sets specifically suited for adults. 

When it comes to the best beginner drum sets for adults, there are a few key factors to consider. Adults generally have a better sense of their commitment level, may have a larger budget, and will require full-size equipment. Here are three sets that excel in these areas:

Pearl Roadshow 5-piece

The Pearl Roadshow series is a wonderful choice for adult beginners. It’s a complete 5-piece set that includes all the necessary hardware, cymbals, and even a drum throne. The drums are full-sized and produce a sound quality that is impressive for its price point. The Roadshow series offers excellent value and is well-suited for those just starting their drumming journey.

Gammon Percussion Full Size Complete

 This drum set from Gammon is a great option for adults stepping into the world of drumming. Offering everything you need to start playing right out of the box, the set boasts robust construction and a sound that competes with more expensive options. It’s a worthy consideration for adult beginners looking for quality on a budget.

Ludwig Accent Drive 5-Pc Drum Set: 

Ludwig is a well-established name in the drum world, renowned for quality and sound. The Accent Drive set is a complete 5-piece drum set that includes cymbals and hardware. It’s designed with beginners in mind but offers sound and build quality that more experienced players would appreciate. It’s a bit pricier than the previous two options, but its lasting durability makes it a good investment.

All three of these options offer great value and are designed to help adult beginners develop their skills effectively. The best drum set for you will ultimately depend on your personal preferences, budget, and long-term goals.

Beginner drum sets for children

Choosing a drum set for a child requires special considerations. Not only should the set be the appropriate size, but it also needs to be durable enough to withstand a child’s enthusiasm. Here are five drum sets that are perfect for young beginners:

Mendini by Cecilio 16 inch 5-Piece Complete Kids Drum Set: 

Ideal for children aged 5 to 10, this drum set comes with everything a child needs to start drumming right away. Its quality and affordable price make it a top choice for children.

Eastar 14 inch Kids Drum Set: 

Built with high-quality materials, Eastar’s drum set is perfectly designed for younger beginners. Though small enough for children, it produces a sound that is not too far off from that of larger sets.

Ashthorpe 5-Piece Complete Kid’s Junior Drum Set

This set is excellent for children and pre-teens. It’s designed to resemble a full-sized drum set, but on a smaller scale suitable for kids, providing them with a truly authentic drumming experience.

GP Percussion GP55 5-Piece Junior Drum Set 

This is another excellent option that includes everything a child needs to start playing. It’s durable and comes in multiple fun colors, which can be appealing to children.

Ludwig Junior 5 Piece Drum Set with Cymbals: 

For a slightly larger investment, Ludwig’s junior drum set offers high-quality sound and durability that can keep up with your child’s drumming journey for years to come. It’s a good option for kids who are serious about drumming.

Each of these sets offer excellent value and are designed to make drumming accessible and enjoyable for children. The best one for your child would depend on their age, size, and level of interest in drumming.

Let’s delve into some key points to consider when choosing a drum set

What are the benefits of playing the drums?

Playing the drums can offer a wealth of benefits that span physical, mental, and social domains. Here’s an elaborate breakdown:

Physical Benefits: Drumming is often compared to a full-body workout. It requires coordination and control from your arms and legs, sometimes moving simultaneously. As such, playing the drums can increase muscular strength, endurance, and flexibility, particularly in the arms and upper body. This leads to improved overall physical fitness.

Cognitive Benefits: Playing the drums requires considerable mental effort, which can enhance cognitive abilities. It requires a drummer to understand rhythm and timing, which can enhance mathematical skills. Memorising drum beats and sequences can also improve memory. Furthermore, the complexity of playing drums can enhance problem-solving skills and increase one’s ability to focus and concentrate.

Emotional Benefits: Playing music, in general, can be a great outlet for emotions, and drumming is no exception. The physical nature of drumming can help relieve stress and pent-up emotions. It can also increase self-esteem and provide a sense of achievement as skills improve. Many drummers also report that playing the drums is a form of meditation, helping them feel more calm and centered.

Social Benefits: Drummers usually play an integral role in a band, contributing to team-building and cooperation skills. Playing in a group necessitates listening to others, blending your sound with theirs, and contributing to the overall performance, fostering a sense of community and shared accomplishment. This can lead to increased social skills and friendships.

Therapeutic Benefits: Drumming has been used in therapeutic settings to assist with various conditions. It can help reduce tension, anxiety, and stress, contribute to better mood, and even assist in pain management. Some studies suggest that drumming can help with conditions like ADHD and Alzheimer’s by stimulating brain activity and promoting a state of calm and focus.

In summary, playing the drums can provide comprehensive benefits, contributing positively to physical health, mental sharpness, emotional wellbeing, social connections, and therapeutic outcomes. For both children and adults, it’s a powerful activity that can be a lot of fun while also promoting holistic growth and development.

Playing drums has numerous benefits. It improves coordination, boosts cognitive skills like concentration and memory, and also provides a great physical workout. Plus, it’s an excellent stress reliever!

While affordability is key, don’t compromise on quality. Look for sets like the Pearl Roadshow or the Eastar 14 inch Kids Drum Set which offer excellent value for the price.

How much does a good drum set cost? 

The cost of a good drum set can vary widely, depending primarily on the quality, brand, size, and included accessories. For beginners, a decent drum set typically costs between $300 and $500. These sets usually provide a good balance between quality and affordability, often including the necessary hardware and sometimes even cymbals. Intermediate level sets might range from $500 to $1,000, offering better hardware, higher quality shells, and often a more comprehensive cymbal set. For professionals, drum sets can easily exceed $1,000, with top-tier kits even reaching up to $5,000 or more. These high-end sets typically boast superior craftsmanship, exceptional materials, and custom options. However, it’s important to note that a more expensive set isn’t always the best choice for everyone. As a beginner, an affordable yet high-quality set should be more than sufficient to start your drumming journey. As you progress and develop a specific sound preference, you can then consider investing in a more premium set.

A decent beginner’s drum set typically costs between $300 and $500. High-end models can go up to $1000, but as a beginner, an affordable yet high-quality set should suffice.

Cheap Drums for Beginners

Choosing a cheap drum set can be a great option for beginners who aren’t ready to invest in a higher-end set just yet. Let’s look at some budget-friendly examples:

Pearl Roadshow 5-piece Drum Set: A great value for the price, this set includes everything a beginner needs to start playing right away. While it may not match up to the sound quality of more expensive sets, it’s durable, user-friendly, and suitable for learning the basics.

Gammon Percussion Full Size Complete Adult Drum Set: This is another budget-friendly option that provides a complete setup. Its sound and build quality are impressive for its price.

Mendini by Cecilio 16 inch 5-Piece Complete Kids Drum Set: This is an excellent budget-friendly option for children. It includes everything a young beginner needs to start drumming right away.

Eastar 14 inch Kids Drum Set: For a low-cost kid’s drum set, the Eastar provides surprising quality. It’s affordable and comes in a smaller size suitable for young beginners.

However, purchasing a cheap drum set also has its pros and cons:

Pros and cons of Cheap Drum Sets

Affordability: The primary benefit is cost savings. Cheap drum sets are more accessible for beginners who might not be ready to invest heavily.

Ease of Replacement: If parts get damaged, they’re less expensive to replace.

Learning the Basics: Cheap sets are generally fine for learning basic skills and techniques.

Sound Quality: Cheap drum sets often can’t match the sound quality of their more expensive counterparts. They may not produce the rich, resonant sounds that higher-end models can.

Durability: Cheaper drum sets may not be as durable. The hardware and shells may not hold up to heavy playing over time.

Potential Upgrade Costs: As a drummer’s skills improve, they may outgrow a cheap set and want to upgrade. This can lead to additional costs down the line.

In conclusion, a cheap drum set can be a good starting point for a beginner. However, as a player grows and progresses, they may find that a more expensive set will better serve their needs and provide a more fulfilling drumming experience.

Remember, the best drum set for you is one that suits your personal needs and budget. 

Happy drumming!

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